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Xtreme Refrigeration Sales And Installation

When Cold is Essential, Count on Xtreme Refrigeration

From Warehouse systems up to unlimited square footage, to combination and tiered cooler refrigeration, to large cold storage, Xtreme Refrigeration Technologies provides solutions you can count on.

Refrigeration Design Services

Xtreme provides the following refrigeration design services:

  • Project definition and specifications
  • Custom refrigeration design
  • Equipment and panel placement renderings
  • Materials lists
  • Project costs

Refrigeration Installation Services

Xtreme offers full refrigeration installation including:

  • Cold storage construction
  • Insulated Metal Panels (IMP) installation
  • Refrigeration Start Up

Turn-Key Project Construction Management

To ensure your systems are implemented correctly Xtreme Refrigeration offers turn-key project management, including:

  • Design and Engineering
  • Supply of Components
  • Installation Services
  • Concrete flooring: Pre-insulation prior to floor construction
  • Steel structures

Project management of electricians, plumbers, lift-operators and contractors

Refrigeration Equipment

Xtreme has experience with all types of commercial refrigeration equipment across all temperature ranges – ultra-low, low, medium and high. Our equipment sourcing includes:

  • Make Up Air Systems
  • Chillers
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Plasma Storage Freezers
  • Ice Making Freezers
  • Mushroom Vacuum Chambers
  • Falling Film Chillers

Refrigeration Equipment Diagnostics

When the temperature hits triple-digits, and you need sub-40F refrigeration, when positive-pressure environments are critical, when system trouble-shooting expertise is essential, Xtreme has you covered. Our diagnostic services include:

  • System Troubleshooting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Component identification
  • Instrument calibration
  • Repair or replacement

Xtreme Team

Xtreme Refrigeration’s internationally trained team has supported high-security environments such as U.S. Military installations and U.S. Embassies. Our internationally trained teams understand how to work in foreign environments, under variable sourcing situations with individuals from differing cultures.

Refrigeration Projects

While we are extremely proud of our work, we take pride in protecting the privacy of our clients.  As a result, we are not able to share certain project information.

Should you have specific questions regarding Xtreme’s capabilities and experience, we encourage you to contact us directly anytime.

Advanced Refrigeration Projects

  • Military Base: Djibouti, Africa – Xtreme implemented a refrigeration system for a 7000-person Airforce base that included refrigeration warehouse design and construction, equipment specification and installation for cafeterias, kitchens and galleys
  • Embassy: (Location) – Xtreme managed the remodel of outdated refrigeration systems, including refrigeration equipment specifications for kitchens, galleys and the Embassy cafeteria, as well as the construction of a combination freezer cooler
  • Maritime: American Steamship Company (ASC) called upon Xtreme to handle repairs and refurbishment of their freight refrigeration systems


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